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Madhav Foundation Trust is wedded to the philosophy of the Triple Mantra of SEVA, SHUSHRUSHA and SATATYA.  Means Kindness, serving and Continuity.

We have pleasure to bring it to the kind attention of the concern people that Madhav Foundation Trust of Rajkot is a social organization: consisting of Dedication and Service oriented Trustees.

The head office of Madhav Foundation Trust is in Rajkot looking to its geographical specific location. It is also a matter of great pleasure to say that the this organization has been conduction a number of Project, activities, social programs Round the clock and Round the Year for the purpose of keeping the flame of service ever alive.

Madhav Foundation Trust has been in Rajkot for numbers of years in social services keeping in mind the social responsibilities and social activities.

Blood Donation :

It should be noted the among numbers of activities the focus of our attention is upon conducting a series of Blood Donation camps in different areas of Rajkot from time to tome only because we know that the blood is the prime requirement for Human survival.

Cow advancement Proposal : (UFIDFTF ;\J"WGP) :

In Indian mythology, Cow is not considered cattle, it is considered as the Cow Mother (UFIDFTF), and it is equally given the symbolic status of the goddess possessing divine powers. Each and ever Hindu knows the spiritual attachment of cow with Lord Krishna. And Madhav Foundation Is working in this direction.

Special Class supports :

In the field of Special Class Need we fulfill it with grass root level and we do continuous programs in Special School for Boys, Special Home For Boys, we also regularly assist programs in Crippled home in City, Special Programs in Obversarvation Home and Lecture on Purification, Yoga camps and Musical Programs in Jail for Prisoners. 

Betterment of Mentally Challenged Children :

To give direction to the parents of mentally challenged children about the problems regarding brought up of such type of special children by organizing different types of seminars, symposia ’s with them. We arrange continue programs for multi handicapped and mentally challenged children.

Educational Awareness and Youth Development :

On the proposal of youth development and Education awareness, we cover those fields like, Motivation programs for students and Parents, Personality Development programs for students, career direction, students grants in aid, Provide education kit for needy students, Pondering Programs.

Child and Women Welfare and Human Right Protection :

These fields are much wider and we are doing very humble programs in those fields. Self reliant activities, assistance and planning for urban economically backward women and children, child purifications programs for slum children, Play ground activities, children development programs, we are arranging free of cost self development classes for women for their self empowerment like stitching, knitting, embroidery, glass painting, machi work, beauty parlor classes. We also work for Human Rights and Legal Protection for children and Women. We also are working for Children labors. We are arranging medical camps for Women and children of Slums and Rural area.

In short we are doing multi dimensions area of working in Society .

  • Blood Donation
  • Cow Advancement Proposal
  • Special Class Support
  • Betterment of Mentally challenged Children.
  • Educational awareness and Youth Development
  • Child and Women welfare And Human rights Protection
  • Social inspiration Programs.
  • Environmental Protection and Awareness.
  • Heath awareness and Hospital Services.

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For Donation, Please contact Dr. Pritesh Popat, Mob.: 9824577229


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'Vinod Vihar' ,
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